What People Are Saying


"Hands Down one of the best books you'll read this year!"

I've been practicing Kundalini Yoga with Raghubir online for a bit over a year and I think she's one of the most unique teachers out there. Her classes always bring such profound changes within me. I love her focus on creativity. We need her work now more than ever. What perfect timing for this magical book to be published. I can't tell you enough how much it helped me stay grounded and find inner peace and clarity each and every day.
Since I started reading her book and doing the practices suggested I've become an artistic machine. I never seem to run out of interesting ideas for my business. But this is the thing, you start to realize that creativity is everywhere. The meals we cook, the way we furnish our homes, gardening. Even driving to work. You might take a more creative route to work to get there quicker. Or the way you stack the dishes after washing them. Everything is creativity. Being creative makes me so happy. I absolutely love this book. It really is one of the best books I own. So very authentic. That's what came to mind most often while reading it, how authentic it is. I was captured from start to finish. A real Masterpiece! Thanks Raghubir for bringing this out into the world.
Sat Nam


"Simply Marvelous!"

I recommend this book to all. If you’re a beginner yogi this book will guide you, motivate and inspire you. If you’re a master yogi then you know there is always room for personal growth. Raghubir, teaches us through her own experiences and let me tell you that the moment you open this book you will not want to put it down. I remained engaged and excited with how she utilized beautiful words to paint a grand picture in my mind. Thank you Raghubir for sharing your life experiences with the world.


"Perfect for creatives and business owners!"

Superb book! Great way to bring your yoga practice into practical life. As someone who is creative as a business owner, the methods really apply and I love having more tools and resources!



"Your daily manual for Creative Living!"

As an established artist and creative soul, Raghubir’s book “The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living” exhibits not only handwritten graphics, easy to follow diagrams and simple explanations, but also beautiful photos, health tips and recipes. As a student of hers for many years, I’m so proud to be able to own Raghubir’s first published book, a simple how-to of Kundalini kriyas “through the lens of creativity.”  Chapters in this book, such as “Self-Care Basics” and “Blueprint for Creativity,” are outlines for any artist, student, teacher, or anyone who has a passion for creativity and self-love.

In summary, I highly recommend this book to those who not only want to learn about the kriyas but to those who wish to expand their knowledge about the brain and how it affects our bodies. By being mindful about what we eat and practicing the art of self-care, we all have the opportunity to create a life we love through our thoughts, movements and food choices.


"Kundalini book must-have!"

I am so glad I purchased this book!! The writer gives such a creative narrative and illustration on Kundalini practice. I highly recommend this book for anyone that practices Kundalini or even for an illustration book. The book has a heartfelt flow, including quotes of Yogi Bhajan, and resourceful for meditation, healing and to be uplifted.



"The Creative Lifestyle!"

Raghubir's new book THE ELEVEN YOGIC ARTS OF CREATIVE LIVING arrived a week ago, and I have hardly put it down. It is full of wisdom and inspiration that is well researched and well-lived by her. It is the most comprehensive book on creativity that I have read. Topics include the Universal Mind, community, healing, and self-care. She includes meditations, mantras, recipes, and drawings. As a yoga teacher, I have already found gems of wisdom to inspire my personal spiritual practice, and I am sharing quotations with my students. Thank you Raghubir, I can't wait to hear more from you!